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Some of the most dangerous intersections in South Florida

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2023 | Car Accidents

What makes a dangerous intersection? There are a few key factors, some of which have been experienced firsthand by drivers in South Florida.

There is poor design, lack of road signs, non-functioning traffic signals, confusing traffic signs and careless, reckless and negligent drivers – the latter of which may prove to be the biggest contributor. Drivers in South Florida daily encounter some of these factors that turn commutes into harrowing experiences.

Midtown, South Beach and Downtown

What are the most dangerous intersections in South Florida? Here is a list of some:

  • Midtown Miami, Northeast Second Avenue and 36th Street: Poor design combined with impatient drivers and thousands of commuters and shoppers make this intersection a confusing a dangerous mess.
  • West Kendall, Southwest 117th Avenue and Kendall Drive: With more building development comes more residents in this suburban community. The results include congestion and long waits for drivers.
  • Coconut Grove/Coral Gables, South Dixie Highway along intersections south of Interstate 95: Stop-and-go gridlock is common for just about any driver along this route, infuriating drivers, and potentially causing tempers to flair and crashes to happen.
  • South Miami-Dade, Southwest 117th Avenue and 152 Street: One of the most dangerous intersections of Miami-Dade County due to the abundance of crashes. Poor signage confuses drivers, who also must be on the alert for speeding drivers.
  • Fort Lauderdale, A1A and Las Olas Boulevard: Filled with businesses, tourists, bicyclists and plenty of traffic, this intersection can be dangerous. Drivers also must be alert to pedestrians, some of whom fail to pay attention.
  • South Beach, Alton Road and Dade Boulevard: Again, drivers encounter long-lasting traffic backups along with speeding drivers and an abundance of pedestrians – many of whom put themselves in danger.
  • Doral, Northwest 87th Street and 36th Street: Problems go beyond rush hour as traffic is often at a standstill through much of the day.
  • Brickell, the Brickell Avenue Bridge: Crossing the bridge in a car takes a long time, and the road’s layout makes it difficult for drivers to maneuver. Also, this drawbridge frequently opens to allow river and traffic boats to pass under it.
  • Downtown Miami, Northeast First Avenue and Northeast Sixth Street: This intersection is also considered one of the most dangerous in the county. Numerous crashes – many of which are severe — occur here.
  • Pembroke Pines, Pines Boulevard and South Flamingo Road: Another one of the region’s most dangerous intersections, this area has seen its share of pedestrian fatalities and car crashes.

Granted, there are a number of dangerous intersections in South Florida. Nevertheless, drivers must understand that it is essential to focus on defensive driving.

Stay alert and aware

Please be careful when driving through any busy intersection. Staying alert and being aware may save the lives of you and your passengers.