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How do brain injuries manifest?

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2023 | Car Accidents

After getting into a car crash, many victims will suffer from some form of injury. Back, neck and head injuries are among the most common, and also the most potentially harmful.

Brain injuries will usually happen as a result of head injuries. How can a person tell they may have one via the symptoms that manifest?

Immediate physical manifestations

Mayo Clinic discusses traumatic brain injuries. These injuries will usually happen in a car crash as a result of trauma to the head, such as a person bashing their head against the dashboard or a window.

This results in the brain hitting the inside of the skull, which can lead to things like bruising, swelling and bleeding inside of the brain.

Many of the more moderate to severe brain injuries will manifest symptoms almost immediately. This can include extremely notable issues such as unconsciousness or even coma. Some may struggle with their balance, coordination or mobility, along with fine and basic motor skills.

Speech and sensory issues

Others will struggle with speech. They may sound slurred, stuffy, or otherwise strange when they attempt to speak. They could garble their words and speak in nonsense.

Some may experience changes to the senses. This can include visual distortions like snow or fuzz, audio troubles like a ringing in the ear, or even mixed senses with smell and taste.

The more severe the injury, the more obvious the symptom tends to be. Any brain injury should result in a victim getting immediate medical attention to ensure the severity is not too great, however.