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Data shows the impact of drowsy driving crashes

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2023 | Car Accidents

You could find yourself seriously hurt in a traffic crash due to a drunk driver, someone going too fast or a driver who becomes distracted by their phone. In addition, you should understand the risks associated with driver fatigue. On an annual basis, far too many people become seriously hurt as a result of collisions involving drowsy drivers.

Drivers become drowsy for a variety of reasons, and you should look over data on this issue in order to focus on the scope of this problem.

Statistics on drowsy driving accident injuries

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published information on drowsy driving crashes, which continue to occur far too often in the U.S. Estimates suggest that during 2017, drowsy driving accidents resulted in 91,000 accidents and left 50,000 people hurt. Moreover, many drowsy driving accident injuries result in the loss of life. According to police reports, over 600 people died in 2020 due to drowsy driving.

You should also remember that since identifying drowsy driving in the wake of an accident can prove challenging, the actual number of drowsy driving injuries, accidents and deaths is likely significantly higher.

Risk factors surrounding drowsy driving

Drivers become tired for an array of reasons, whether they spend too much time behind the wheel or have a hard day at work. Adjusting to a new shift, taking certain medications and struggling with a sleep disorder could also lead to drowsiness.

Following a drowsy driving crash, it is crucial for you to focus on recovery from a physical, financial and mental viewpoint.